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The best, personal, fair, locally arranged safari in Tanzania , run by Masai, supported by Dutch vets.

A new approach : People Planet Profit


Tanzania’s northern safari circuit is renowned for offering some of the finest wildlife viewing tours in Africa. Its natural abundance of wildlife, along with the annual migration of millions of animals across its northern plains, make up a flourishing eco-system which is easily accessible and can be combined in one trip depending on the season. >>read more


When you get out of the car, out of the lodge and take a step into the bush, onto a market or walk with the people, you create an awesome life-time memory for yourself. Many people already have met the orginal tribes of Tanzania, like the Masai and the Hadzabe. >>read more


The beaches of Tanzania (1000km) include not only the magic Zanzibar and the unspoiled Pemba, along the coast there are many spots for a nice beach/ sea holiday. A combination of beach-holiday with a week or 5 day safari is easy to arrange. With national flights we can even bring you from the beach to the hart of the Serengeti.... >>read more


Young people associate Africa with adventure. African Wildcats Expeditions is supplying this adventure in a trekking, climbing the Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru or travelling with an 4x4overlandtruck. If you are in good health a trekking is the best way to discover Africa. >>read more