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Our Involvement to Matonyok Children’s Home

How does African Wildcats Expeditions get  in touch with Matonyok Children’s home,  we first  knew Matonyok children’s home and Emma through  Edel and Arip, Edel she is an Ireland lady, a suppoter of  Matonyok children’s home. We are enthusiastic and motivated by the way of her supports. African Wildcats Expeditions we love Children’s and we want to help them. How are we support the project, we support the project by funds and  teaching material. We have also  setup a day or hours on our safaris Itineraries for our clients to visit children’s home. You can bring school material, like writing books, reading books, pencils, erasers etc.
As you can read on the website of Matonyok, they need also financial support and volunteer. Together with you we can make  children’s to achieve their goals.
Contact us for more info for Volunteering,Education Sponsorship and Donations