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Matonyok Children’s Home


Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the World”

Nelson Mandela

Matonyok was founded by a Maasai named Emma Sitayo. In the early 1970s, she was the only girl in her village to receive an education. Emma knows at first hand the importance of having an education to be successful and reach one’s potential in life. During her career as a nurse working with children with special needs she regularly came across children being ‘abandoned’ either as a result of their disability or social/economic family issues.  She herself could not ‘abandon’ these children in need and so kept ‘bringing them home’ – and, as a result, Matonyok Children’s Home was born.  Emma continues to this day to accept referrals from the Government’s Social Work Department.  The Home does not receive any financial assistance as a result of accepting these children.

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To ensure disabled orphans, street children and children from difficult circumstances enjoy a full and decent life. We believe every child should be given the opportunity to achieve a greater degree of self – reliance and social integration in a dignified manner.


  • To identify those areas where children’s rights are violated
  • To inspire and help the community to educate
  • To develop each Matonyok child’s personal talents in line with their mental and physical abilities
  • To prepare the children at Matonyok for an active adult life in a free society
  • To set and attain development goals for the Home and its children

 Matonyok has committed itself to helping children who are neglected, orphaned, sexually abused, whose parents have died as a result of HIV/Aids etc


We welcome and accept volunteers from all over the world to come and work with us in serving the community and building a better life for our children. You can volunteer to teach, spend time with the children and so much more.

For more details:

Please contact us directly, via email or telephone

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