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checklist safari

checklist safari

This is a checklist for safari luggage, you can adapt it to your own ideas.



For your comfort we recommend you to travel as light as possible;

many airlines impose a maximum weight limit of 23kg, but we advise you to take a lot less.

Soft lockable bag, travel pack, or backpack. Hard suitcases are not practical for our style of travel.

For town use or general sightseeing, a small daypack of 15-25 litres capacity is adequate.


Below is a suggestion of what you might find useful to take on safari. it is not an exhaustive packing list .

Lightweight cotton clothing for safari, avoid brightly coloured, blue and dark clothing. During game drives those are not appropriate as the bright colours are easily seen by animals and blue and dark colors attract the tset-tse fly, so wear neutral safari colours. Army-style camouflage clothing is not allowed.

Lightweight wind-waterproof outer shell.

Warm mid-layer fleece for cool early morning game drives and evenings.

Comfortable shirt and trousers with long sleeves and legs for protection against insects;

shorts, T-shirts and swimming wear

Trainers or sandals for relaxing



Plastic bags for cameras- as dust can be a problem

We have binoculars in the car but good to have one pair for yourself.

Please provide us with information about your health and dietary.