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Tipping guideline

Tipping guideline

this is a tipping guideline, and nothing more than a guideline.
Actually we don’t like to talk about the tipping issue very much, but we should!
To start: tipping should never be considered mandatory or naturally, it should be done at your discretion and as a reward for good service. As with any tipping situation; if you enjoy your experience, give a generous tip; if you do not enjoy your experience, adjust the tip accordingly.
All our staff is paid reasonably and no one relies on tips as a substitute for wages.
Nevertheless, in Africa tipping traditionally is important, because most salaries use to be low.
Gratuities in Tanzanian tourism generally follow the North American system.

Safari guides: around $15-20 per day (per group)

Safari cooks: around $ 10 per day

Mountain guides: around $20 per guide per day

Mountain cook: around $20 per cook per day

Porters: around $7 per porter per day

Transfer driver (mountain transfers): $10 per vehicle

Hotel porters/baggage handlers: $1 to $2 per bag

Hotel/lodge/camp staff: $10 per group per day using gratuity box

In a group of 2 climbers there will be 2 guides, 1 cook and about 9-10 porters, we provide a list of your crew as well as jobs performed on the day you begin your climb. You can use this list to allocate tips if you like.
In general: just follow your heart,
a good story for our website or on a travel-forum or trip-advisor is worth a lot as well!