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The Team

African Wildcats Expedition Ltd.

People Planet Profit.

Custom made, locally arranged, intimate safaris.

African Wildcats Expeditions is an initiative of Jacob Loserian, John Sung’are and Steve and Astrid Somers. Jacob and John are safari guides for almost 25 years in the northern circuit of Tanzania; Steve and Astrid are veterinarians who own and run two veterinary clinics in Utrecht and Woerden (centre of the Netherlands). John and Jacob were already planning to start their own safari company for a while, when they ran into Steve and Astrid. Their enthusiasm and positive drive convinced Steve and Astrid that they could organize better safaris for an attractive rate. Profit stays with the guides, instead of leaving them depending on tips. We don’t have a big hierarchic back office; just a small office and a good structure to organize your safari. We want to be a small safari company, run by the guides, which can compete with the big companies in quality and price. The African Wildcats Expeditions Ltd gives safari business a new boost!


Jacob Loserian

The life story of Jacob is special; born and raised as a traditional Masai, he started working in the tanzanite-mines* for years. Working as a night guard (ascari) at a safari company he studied English and got his safari guide diploma. In the mean time he also worked as a mechanic at the same company. This man has got it all! Jacob is working hard to pay for the study of his 4 children and is hoping that the “Wildcats” will be a succes. He is a caring, friendly person and his laugh and sense of humour are contagious. His knowledge of the “bush” is phenomenal. *tanzanite is a rare blue gemstone, only found in a small area nearby Kilimanjaro-airport;


John Sung’are

John is also a Masai and the son of a former member of parliament; he lives on his modest farm in a beautiful valley between Monduli and Arusha. John is married and has 4 children, in the age of 6 to 20 years. He joined the “Wildcats” because he wants to create his own future in modern Tanzania. In the safari world everybody knows John and John knows everybody; but on safari he has only one goal: to make you want to come back! He knows all the secret hide-a-ways of the big cats: ”I smell a lion”. After a while we see these big cats lying in the grass…



IMG_2378Steef Somers

Steve Somers is a Dutch veterinarian with a passion for Africa. He learned to get around in Africa on a motorcycle on his trips to Dakar (Senegal). Travelling in Africa you need to have a certain attitude to solve problems along the way. On the other hand he learned to organize in the 2 veterinary clinics which he runs with his wife Astrid in the Netherlands. Their 4 sons (22-26) try to keep him young in snowboarding and windsurfing. Although loosing already,  he got his moments… His love for Africa combines photography and wildlife in an unbelievable setting. That’s what the “Wildcats” is about.

SKIN-284Astrid Somers

Astrid Somers is a “born” vet, she is enjoying the nature of the Tanzanian parks in every way. Been on safari with her family several times, she wants you to see with your own eyes the unspoiled Serengeti and the impressive highland woods of Arusha National park. Yes, she doesn’t just want to drive around, but also explores the parks by foot. Or visits a real native village far beyond the touristic sites…. When Astrid and Steve met John and Jacob a dream came through: “building an African company with the right people in a tremendous atmosphere”.