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The dream of John Sung’are

I was born in Arusha in the family of a farmer and politician in June 1967.
I went to primary school, starting in 1977. I still remember that I went to school with a yellow shirt and kaki shirt. I was almost ten years old.
I was very good in football and also in the academic classes in school, my headmaster loved me very much and they elected me to be the head of the students.
In the farm I was helping my parents looking after and taking care of the animals: cows, sheep, goats etc.
I loved to drive our tractor very much,13 years old I started to drive. In those days my interest of being in the tourism has come to me and I decided to become a guide.john picture
I am working in tourism for almost 20 years now. Because of this long time, a lot of people asked me, why don’t you start your own company, now you’ve got a good experience in tourism?
Even before that, I was thinking a lot about doing something like that my self already.
At the same time my friend and colleague Jacob was also thinking about it and finally, after talking a lot together, we decided to start.
We worked on a website for a long time, allthough we knew nothing about that.
For the time we were doing that, the other question was where and how to get clients.
That is when I remembered my friend, the Dutchman Steef Somers. I started to communicate with him and tell him about our dream. And what was unbelievable is that he reacted straight forward without having a lot of questions.That moment our dream came true. Steef and his wife Astrid are acting together to promote AWE, and that is also the reason why we are now talking about our stand at the 50+ fair in the Netherlands.
The African Wildcat is a realy beautiful cat which is very rare to be seen, being a nocturnal animal. This name for our company came from Jacob and it was easy to comply to his opinion.
Tanzania must develop so that all its natural resources can be shared with everyone. And it would help a lot when the politicians would stop having their personal interests and start to put forward the interests of the nation. All people also must work hard, and everyone has to do his or her work properly.11903951035_31d52b523b_z
My visit to Europe is like a miracIe and I think this will make me to learn a lot about Western culture. When I can compare everything with life in Africa I must learn really something. The main thing is tourism and I look forward to meet a lot of people and learn a lot from them. This will be very special.
Regards, John.
vrije dieren in hun natuurlijke omgeving, de prachtige natuur, fantastische mensen, fascinerende cultuur: I love Tanzania!

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