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Daktari on Safari

cats_lions_daktari3Daktari on Safari. As a boy I always watched with my brothers the tv-show “Daktari”. It was about a British veterinarian with his family in East-Africa. Not knowing that I would become a vet myself 20 years later (and my future wife too!). One of he main characters was a cross-eyed lion “Clarence” and a chimpanzee “Judy”; they had every week a nice adventure. This was probably my first inspiration for being in Africa.

As a young “vet” with a busy practice Africa was no option, but when our 4 boys became 10 years we went on an one-month-trip, including an 8 day safari. Everything we saw on National Geografic about the “big five” became real! We also made trips to the bushmen “the Hadzabe” ,Pangani river and Tanzanian tropical jungle.This memory is a landmark in my brain.

African wildcats expeditions 2010-1

After a few visits in different settings, we did a trip with our parent (75-79 yrs); it was on this trip we met John Sung’are. There were elections in Tanzania and as a sun of a former member of parliament, John discussed about anything with us. John as a Masai, me as a vet and my father as a farmer-sun had a lot in common:cows,wildlife and politics. As my father and my father-in-law are also called John; it was John all over the place. This was a super safari, but the 9 days was soon over.


A year after this safari we got an email: John and his friend Jacob wanted to start a safari-company. Of course we wanted to join them and in 2012 we founded the African Wildcats Expedition. We had evening filling talks under the big tree at “Family &Friends”; the restaurant where we have now our own African office!

A lot of work had to be done, licenses, website and communication structure. That week we also made our “maiden-trip” to Tarangire National park with our wives. What a positive vibe was there in the land-cruiser, we were excited like young dogs.

African wildcats expeditions 2012-1

Last year we bought the safari tents, camping gear and we got an office. All necessary ingredients are there, but the best parts are our guides John and Jacob! Together we have 100% expertise to organise a safari; it’s a brotherhood with unconditional commitment. We hope to be your guide in Tanzanian safari.

  1. Marnie van Dinther Reply

    Dit is nou echt een site die uitnodigt om tot een heel persoonlijke African experience !
    Als de plaatjes in het echt ook zo mooi zijn, belooft dat wat goeds!!

  2. Janny Smeenge Reply

    Steef, ook ik heb goede herinneringen aan ‘Daktari’ en ik weet zeker dat die Safari nog in het verschiet ligt. Heel veel succes en plezier gewenst met African Wildcats Expeditions Company!

    • Steef Somers Reply

      Dank voor deze spontane reactie,

  3. Fletcher magers Reply

    I usually go for older clothes rather than a full on khaki wardrobe that makes me look like a character from Out of Africa. Yes, khaki colored clothes hide the dirt, but they’ll also make you stand out even more than you already do for being a muzungu (foreigner). Khaki or not, make sure you include.

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